unit 5

modernist graphic design modernist design came about in the late 19th and early 20th century. it was influenced by the development of industrial age. during this time there was the tension and horror of the great war. "Form follows function" is a well known saying from the modernist style, it means you must first establish the function of … Continue reading unit 5


Book Covers

Design report the brief is create two different book covers with at least one of these book designs a typographic based cover and the other an image based cover. we were expected to research some existing covers. from the research, i fond that details can set the feel. just focussing on a time could be discreet … Continue reading Book Covers

unit 4

design report our brief was to produce a large poster for a green wall a Cabot Circus that show how they run an environmentally friendly centre. during my research i fond that most posters are fun, bright and more illustration based. i didn't really have an original idea a such, i just improved the wall … Continue reading unit 4