Design report

Our brief was to research and analyse a range of existing creative alphabets and to use this to inspire us to create our own. We are to test a range of creative alphabets using a minimum of 5 elements such as paper, string, wood, metal, and rubber. We are to make 2 complete alphabets from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9. During my research I found that that the simpler ideas work better as they are often more clear and that too much detail could be overwhelming and hard to understand. My original idea was to use simple materials that are commonly found around the house. I planned to change the objects I use as little as possible as I want to keep it clear what the object is but I also like to make it clear what the letter is as well. I feel I have stuck to this. I may have changed the materials I used but the idea is still the same, simple and clear.

I feel that I have spent too long on deciding on what materials that I will use and making the letters that I over looked the written side of this unit. I feel that my ideas are good and are well presented but I haven’t achieved what I wanted to on the written work. I wanted to have more research to help inspire even more as I fell that I could have had better ideas on what to do and how to do it. All of my research was on line but I think it would have been more beneficial for me If I went out to shops such as B&Q to help give me an idea of everyday things around the house. I have enjoyed this unit very much as I have had the opportunity to be creative without many restrictions, this has allowed me to experiment more. I should have started experimenting sooner and then I would have had many more ideas. I did want to experiment with fire as I had many ideas on how it could work such as using wooden stencils and getting flames though the gaps. Where I left it to long, I ran out of time and I was unable to test the fire. I did hope to like all 5 elements into one theme. I wanted to flow from wood fire and ash but I couldn’t as I left it too late that I don’t have time at night to do it. So I can honestly say the has been the most enjoyable unit but I am disappointed that I was unable to let my creativity go as free as it could.

I feel my final outcome matches the brief as I have done as it has asked, I have completed two complete alphabets and I have experimented with 7 elements. The brief asked for 5 elements so I did more than was asked, not intentionally. I had an idea and made it, I had another one and made it, I kept doing this until I ether ran out of materials or ideas. I went for simple and clear which was my original idea and I feel I have achieved that so I feel it is effective as its readable and you can still see what it is made of. With the paper alphabet I rolled and scrounged up paper so it looks like letters, this was very simple to do and it also gives a good outcome. To improve the paper alphabet I would change the size so it is bigger, this will allow me to change the type of font. With the bubble alphabet I got a bottle with a narrow end. I put some soap, water and food die in and shuck it up and then squeezed it out in the shape of the alphabet. This was very simple but it produces a rely cool texture and it looks like bubble writing. I thought of this as I was trying to find ways I could use water and I found this idea and gave up on the water idea. The bubble alphabet is by far my favourite. If I was to improve the bubble alphabet I would use different colours and I would experiment with the amount of soap so the density of the bubbles will be different. If I was to redo this unit, I would start experimenting sooner and I would focus more on my research.

final outcomes

bubbles – sadly i couldn’t create bubbles as well as i did during my experimentation and the lighting wasn’t that good but i am still happy with the outcome. the bubbles were to watery but they still kept there shape. i fell that this is something different to the creative alphabet that are in my research but i did find that simplicity works very well as it helps the letters become readable. i like the way how the air bubbles are in a range of sizes that are viable in the pictures. if i was to do this again i will try make more densely compressed pact bubbles to help the letter keep their shape more. i will also use a plastic background to prevent damp marks. i will improve the lighting to make better pictures.


paper – i have created an alphabet with news paper that is rolled up and shaped. this alphabet is very clear and simple. i wanted to make an alphabet with the simplest material i could and so i did it with paper. i chose news paper as it has some colour and just stood out, it is also easy to shape as it is thin paper. if i am to do this again then i will use a clear background to help the letters standout more and i will use better lighting so it will make it more clear. i would also make it bigger so i could use a nicer looking font.


experimenting with elements

light – i cut out the word light from a box and then projected it to the other side of the box, i then though it would look cool on the wall. i like this idea but if i am to do this again i will make it neater.


sticks – this was very simple as it only uses toothpicks. it is very clear and easy to read.


paper – i used screwed up news paper for this as it gave it a little color and it helped it to stand out this is also simple and easy to read.


bubble’s – this is my favorite because of the unique shape the letters have and it also has small bubbles in the letters that look pretty cool. i took a empty bottle and put a little soap and water in with a drop of blue food coloring and sprayed it into place.


cotton – this was easy to make and it was a very simple idea. it is very clear but i feel it is too simple.


food – this is clear and easy to read and its still clear that it is a orange. this did leave marks on the paper behind so next time i will use plastic as a background to make it look neater.


string – i wanted to use wood, screws and string but i had a lot of card, sticks and string so incited of being wast full i decided to use  the things i had. i like the outcome but it was time consuming. if i was to do this again id use the materials i originally planed to use, i would make it bigger and neater.


my ideas 


  • light – change shutter speed on camera
  • bubbles – make bubbles and shape into letters
  • cotton – shape cotton into letters
  • food – make letters with food such as a lemon
  • ash – shape paper into letters and burn it, photograph the as where it falls
  • fire – shape wood into letters and cover with flammable liquid and burn it
  • string – put nails into wood and put string around it
  • paper – shape paper into letters
  • sticks – make letters with sticks

mood board

this is a range of pictures from the internet of creative alphabets i like.



Daffodils – this alphabet uses daffodils to make letters, this is simple and clear. the crisp green lines make the shape of the letters very clear so it is easy to read. i like the way the flowers have been changed as little as possable and that it uses the minimum amount of flowers but still shows the letters. I feel that this alphabet has the balance of simplicity and creativity perfect. this could be recreated with any other flower but the daffodil has 2 colours and visually speaking its a boring flower, with the simple white background it looks beautiful.


fire – this alphabet is fire shaped like letters. i like the look of this as the contrast between the orange and black is so clear. i think this was probably created on a computer rather than using acturl fire but i think this could be recreated easily. i could make a stencil with thick wood and place behind the stencil some wood that is covered in flamable liqid and set it a light with the hope that the flames come through the letters. i could cut out wood in the shape of the letters but i don’t think it will work as well.


pills – this alphabet uses pills clumped together to look like letters. i personally dont like this as  i fell it is overly simple but it dose make an interesting texture. I feel that this could be recreated with different materials to create a more interesting texture. this is very easy to read but if it was made with other materials then it could be made harder to read. this type of alphabet could be good for advertising and this could be used for organisations such as Ask Frank.


light – this is created by slowing down the shutter speed of the camera. this allows you to take a picture of a moving light. this is easy to do but it is hard to do it good, this is because your time is limited. if you move the light to slow then you won’t be able to complete the letter and the light will be too bold but if you do it too fast then the camera won’t pick up enough light so the light will be too faided so it will be hard to see, you can see this at the end of this alphabet. if it id done right then it looks fantastic but unoriginal. its hard to recreate this without copying it as there is little space for making it unique.


jam – this is just jam that has been spread over a surface and the letter J is smudged out. this is extremely simple and easy to recreate. i like the way it uses blank space. this also allows you to write in any font style you like. the is very clear.


cucumber – this is just cucumber cut up and shaped like letters. i like the rugged look it has and how it still looks like cucumber. they could have cut it up and could have shaped it perfectly but they left it the way it is and has simple cuts. this is a simple idea and it is lay out but it is still effective.


meat – this is made of bits of meat chopped up to make a word. this is very clear and easy to read but from the word alone its hard see what it is but the way it is presented shows you what it is. i like the texture it has and i fell it woks so well.


office clips – this alphabet uses only office clips to make letters. some aren’t too clear but if you were to write a word with it, it wouldn’t be to hard to read. i like the way they tried to keep the shape of the clip but i feel this is just a bit to unclear and i like the idea more than the outcome.


types of fonts







san serif


Creative fonts 


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