after changes

what i would change

  • i would change the size of the poster. the large square is too big so i will use the small rectangle.
  • i will lighten up the the colours  as my posters are too dull.
  • i will use more lank space and shape the writing into a box.

final outcomes

practice make perfect – in this one o chose to demonstrate what the saying says so i turned Practice into Perfect. the four steps between the word is to show reputation and progress. i put Makes on its side so it is harder to read as its not that important as you can work out the saying just by the rest. i only used text as the words between practice and perfect are a bit abstract and if i was to add any images, there would be too much going on and it will be hard to focus. i used this font as it uses clear structured letters so it doesn’t turn into a mess as they change. i used the blue as it is a neutral colour that doesn’t clash with the black. i like the way its soft colours as practice takes time and i feel that if i used a bright colour to pull people in that would make it seem like it must be rushed.


keep your friends close but your you enemies closer – this i intended to look like a guns sight. the friends are in sight but the focus is on the enemy. i think this is very clear as you can see what it is. the font is a bit army like just to reinforce the idea of a gun. the word enemies is bigger and is in the centre to help make it standout.


beauty is in the eye of the beholder – the eye in the centre with a line though it represents 2 eyes that are similar yet see things differently top sees it ass dull and boring, almost invisible. the bottom eye sees it as loud, bright and beautiful. they eye itself is bright and colourful because it can still see beauty but just in different ways. the reason i chose this font is because its easy to read yet it flows and slightly breaks away from straight lines, this gives it a look elegant.



  1. i used the pen tool to make a eye shape
  2. i added a circle for the coloured bit of the eye
  3. i used the mesh tool on the circle and then added colour
  4. i made the background grey and added a black line
  5. i wrote the saying two times
  6. i changed the bottom saying into colorer
  7. i reflected the saying horizontally
  1. i used the gradient tool and used radial
  2. i put a cross to look like a gun sight
  3. i incorporated  the saying
  4. i changed the font to look a bit like military writing
  1. i typed Practice Makes Perfect
  2. i made a blue box with a large black border
  3. i turned Make on its side and made it bigger
  4. i used the blend tool to turn Practice into Perfect


picture 1 – this is intended to look like a sight on a gun with the enemy being closely watched. i intend on using a font that look like a army font, so big and blocky. i think i will stick with black and whit with this.

picture 2 – where it is such a clear bold statement, i think it would look good with only the saying in whit and the background black. i think a serif font would look good as it will make it look dramatic.

picture 3 – this is similar to picture 2 in layout but i want to try to use spacing between words and letters. i want to space everything out other than (your enemies closer). i want to compact this so it matches what it says. i might try to play with the size of words to enhance the saying.

choice – i will chose picture 1 as it has a few things i could try out and i think it will have a better outcome.

picture 1 – beauty is in the eye the saying says so i think it would look cool to work in the eye. i think id use a vibrant blue to make it stand out and made write with a script font.

picture 2 – one saying and two ways to see it. i want to possibly have the bottom bright, colourful and maybe use a different font. the top would be dull.

picture 3 – instead of writing eye, i could use an image of an eye. clear black background. white writing. serif font. colourful eye.

choice – i think i will use image 2 as it is my favourite. the other two just aren’t that appealing to me.

picture 1 – in this i have tried to show improvement starting with the word practice out of shape and out of line. i then put makes out of shape but in line. finally perfect will be as it says, perfect. i was thinking of abstract shapes in the background but i feel it would pull you away from the words so i think i will use a single coloured background. i think i will do it in script or maybe by hand so it looks like it was written.

picture 2 – in this picture i wanted it to be simple. i want to do the practice in a bronze colour, the makes in a silver colour and lastly the perfect in gold. maybe give it a sporty look by using medals and trophies.

picture 3 – in this i was inspired by they way schools get you to write something over and over until its right so that what i did here. id probably use script to keep the school look.

choice – i will use image 3 as i might be able to find a way in which i could use the blend tool.

practice ideas made on illustrator

beauty is in the eye – the plan was to keep it as simple as possible with a clear, easy to read font and a eye in the centre. i wanted to keep everything dull and boring with no colour and to make the eye bright and colourful. i think it works well but i dislike the layout.

keep your friends close – i wanted to use space and keep it simple but it is overly simple.

practice makes perfect – the idea behind this is to have the first word have letters the wrong size and oddly slanted. the second word is just different sizes and finally the last word is technically perfect.


  1. keep your friends close but your enemies closer
  2. practice makes perfect
  3. beauty is in the eye of the beholder



this is very simple, its just the quote in a clear, basic font on a plane black background. this work well because the quote is saying to be yourself  so it would come across as a bit hypocritical if if it was anything ells but itself.i like this because it is simple and that is the reason why i chose it.this inspires me to do as the quote says.


this focuses on image as well as text. the image draws you in and the writing makes you think. the font looks like its been scratched in that gives it a bit of a edgy look. this also use font size to make different words stand out.the two colors  makes it very simple to read.


this one separates the text and images but it uses the same colors so even tho their not linked, they still match. i like the way they use white and grey to help make words stand out. i also like the way they use of set words, this makes it look different but its only subtle.


this could still be understood with the words in bold. the other words just make it flow so they aren’t important.



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