Design report

My brief was to research a range of collage artist and to produce 2 collages using mixed media such as, images, sketches, painting and 3d objects. In my research i fund that the best collages used white space to help make something’s stand out, this helped the meaning of these collages much clearer. I also found that many of the collages that i liked, wasn’t to overbearing and were more minimal when it comes to objects, spacing and colour. I think it is very easy to go over the top when it comes to collages to make the meaning crystal clear but i think the beauty is to use as little as possible to make a point that is somewhat hidden to allow the viewer to find the meaning.

My planning didn’t get off to a good start as i simple couldn’t find a good meaning, so what i did was start with trump and how bad he is, this was because we spoke about him as an idea in class. I also thought i could use recourse that i have a lot of, newspaper. Every morning i pick up 2 newspapers to read on the bus and the main thing i always see is trump. Ones i started to collect all the articles to do with trump, i realised i know nothing about US politics and that the things about trump told me little about it ether and what it told me was what a bad person trump was. I realised that the options i have on trump i have on trump isn’t mine, it’s the medias. So i broke away from my first idea and went with “how the media manipulates our opinions.

I started off by making a few sketches of ideas i could use, i was pulled to the idea of making trump out of headlines but as i showed it to people, they all said the meaning was trump is bad, so i scraped the idea of focusing on trump. I started to think of line of the brain and headlines but it looked too simple to have a blank brain in the centre with headlines around it and it was still unclear to those i showed it to, so instead of disposing of this plan, i worked on it. I put the brain in a head and used line of sight to show the news and projection of voice to show how people describe trump. This plan worked well and was my favourite so i used this to inspire my next one. I made a brain and incorporated a funnel which had the news being poured into it and out the bottom of the brain came the description of trump. This collage was just an idea that came into my head that i didn’t think would work well but in my option, it fantastic as it is so simple yet works so well.

In my collage i used sketches, images and scanned in news paper, i think this shows that i have used mix media. My collages have clear meanings and also reflect my research as i have use minimal items one the collage and blank space. As always the research was the least enjoyable part but it was a massive help when trying to find a style, my entire idea came from a collage that is within my research, its a collage that uses headlines that i thought was so simple but fantastic, i just simple worked on from their idea.

Because i wasn’t so rushed with producing my collages, i don’t think there is much that id like to improve on but if i was to remake it i would make the background a little darker as it didn’t come out as well in the print out as it did on the computer. I would possible like to work on the brain a little more just to make it look a bit better and possible play with the lighting a little more but if i don’t have the chance to improve it, I’m still happy with my outcomes and i am very proud of what i produced due to the fact i knew so little about Photoshop two months ago and now i feel i have produced a professional looking collage.

Collage 2

The final outcome, I think works well because the idea behind it was that the media puts thoughts into head and then you simply eco what you read and that’s why the bottom words have a paper overlay as it’s simply there words.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 14.17.20


This uses newspaper cutouts, a sketch and photoshop. I started with cutting the heading out and scanning them in. I matched a background with the newspaper and then shaped it so it went narrow at the bottom. I also used screwed up paper as a overlay. I sketched the brain and scans it in and then added colour and the inner shape of the brain on photoshop. I found a picture of a funnel on the internet and used it to connect the brain and newspaper. I looked up the most common word associated with trump, after cancelling out the unnecessary rude words, I came up with the words racist rich jerk. I wrote them on photoshop and pointed it up towards the top and then used a screwed up paper overlay again. I winter to use blank space but the white made it look so unfinished so I added a gradient to fill it up a little.

Collage 1

Today everyone is an expert on international politics just because they read a little in the paper. The small triangle of the paper is to show the media, the fact it’s small and hard to read due to the overlays but the headlines are clear, this is because most people just read the headlines and only glimpses at the rest. The triangles what you see and what you say and the point of the brain is that it gets bypassed as it knows nothing about the topic.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 14.51.45

i started off by aranging the background. i usded some newspaper cutouts i scaned in and blured any clear lines from were the cutouts overlaped  and thin i matched the white background with the colour of the news paper so it flows better. i then put an overlay of blue and red stripes to represent american politics. i the centre i placed a sketch of a brain i did and painted the inside a creamy yellow to look similer to the newspaper colour. this is to show that the mined is blank and all it knows on the topic is what it read from the news.

i then decided this wasn’t clear enogh so i added a picture of a face and used scanned common words to describe tump i painted.  i then used a overlay of screwed up paper to help make it all flow.

i felt that the page was too crowded and hard to understand so i decided to use line of sight and the perjection of words to make paths, this allowed me to leave a lot of blank space. when i looked at the collage from a distance, i then discovered that the painted words were too hard to read so desided to scrap the idea of painted word and just made it on photoshop, this made it easy to read.

collage idea 1

As I always pick up a free news paper every morning, I have a large pile of them. I went though the papers a cut out all the headlines that involves Donald Trump. Most of the headlines are bad so as I am using these, my collage will have a mostly negative look over Trump. I will scan these in and use as a overlay on the US flag.

The other pictures will be from the internet so I can have clear detailed pictures on the collage that will take up most of the collage.

The collage will finally changed to look like a news paper.

The meaning behind this is to get you to question how dose media make you see Donald trump. I personally don’t know much about US politics and yet I dislike Trump.

I want this collage to be confusing and cluttered to help demonstrate the confusion made by the media. I also want to make some headings stand out that may contradict each other.



this collage shows a man walking along a path to to space. the collage is mostly dark but the other colours let of a glow that makes it look a little magical but mysterious. this was most probably made on a computer. the message i see in this is, chose a path in life and it may just lead you to the stars.


this shows a person in a boat on the top of the world. the colours are calm and soft. i think this was probably made on  a computer. what i like about it is that it is so simple yet so clear. the meaning i see in this is that you should push the limits with hard work. to me the boat simbalises hard work and the uses of space makes it surreal as a boat don’t belong there but with hard work theres no reason why you can’t make it.


This shows a old looking space suit in a modern city. I think this is saying that to older people the modern world can be a scary alien place. The dark fell is to show fear and the many colours are to help demonstrate how overwhelming it is in the world we now live in. i think this was done on soft-wear such as Photoshop and that they’ve used the layers to put the images together and used separate filters on the images.


This shows four people with flowers as heads. You could see this as having the message that your all beautiful in you natural form  and that you don’t need to cover up. I see it the other way, I think its saying that everyone pretends to be something their not by wearing make up. But no matter what I think its saying to be your self as that is the best you. I think the natural  soft colours is trying to make the point that you don’t need to go over the top. i think they most probable used Photoshop to produce this but they could have possible used pictures and cut them apart and placed them on top of each other.


This is very simple as it is only 2 portraits that are cut in half and joint together to make one face. What makes this work so well is that its not perfect as the shades don’t match but the simplicity makes it perfect. To me, the focus point is the eyes as they don’t meet up completely but from that you can instantly see that it’s a woman and a man. I think the meaning behind this is that there’s not much different between women and men and that both can do the same.


This shows a lady in black and white and her head exploding with lots of colours. The meaning behind it is that its not what’s on the outside but what is on the inside matters. The black a white symbolizes boring and plane and the colour shows beauty and creativity. This works well as your eyes are intently focused  on the colours and that what its message is, to focus on the colour. they could have possible used Photoshop to make this but i this it would look a lot better if they combined colour powder and the picture.


This shows a girl sat on top of the world, making planets. I feel that this is trying to tell us that should we let our imagination run as free as when we were kids then anything is possible. this uses a black and white background to look like stars, its also somewhat blurred, this helps make it look magical and as if it’s a dream. i think this was done buy cutting up images and overlapping them, then to touch it up i think the may have used computer soft-wear.


This shows headlines and lots of images in the background. When you first see this, it looks messy but if you look carefully you’ll see its structured with the text in its own little box, this makes it easy to read. There are words in bold to help them stand out. I feel that the artist wanted to cause confusion to show mixed emotions.


In this collage the is a picture of a person with a bar-code covering their face. This is extremely simple but the message it clear, everyone has a price tag to determine what you worth.  The dull background is to show that nothing else matters other than what your worth. This is a rather dull look on life but I fell that the person that made this doesn’t want life to be this way. this is possible just a image with a bar code placed on top. its easy to make but makes a nice final outcome.


this is simplistic and due to that, it gets you thinking and will cause you to see this differently. I think that the artist is telling you to take risk and dive into the unknown. The white represents the known, the things that are clear. The black represents the unknown, the things you cant see. This isn’t saying if it is good or bad but I fell it is saying, you’ll never know unless you try. The focus point is the person and the colours are basic as the meaning is suttle. this can be made by cutouts or it could easily be done on Photoshop.

Artist Critique – Annegret Soltau

She uses her own face and other images stitched together to produce an surrealistic portrait. This shows emotion and how people see themselves, such as whit the shouting face, she’s showing rage and frustration and felling uncomfortable, not knowing how to react. With the other image she is showing how people see themselves, such as, my eyes are ugly and makes me look like a fly and so on with the rest. As shes is trying to say, look at me for how I see me, I think its fantastic as your eyes are instantly pulled to it and it makes you fell uncomfortable. The focus is on the face where it looks so unusual and the rest is very plain as it uses neutral colours. The way she made this way to cut out images of faces and animal faces and cut them up. She then stitched them to a picture of her face. She didn’t worry about making it neat as that adds to its discomforting look. The colour of the pictures don’t blend together so you can see the clear change in image.

In traditional forms of art you will often have a normal portrait and colours and actions will would be use to show their emotions as well as their face. Her art also incorporated a 3D element ( stitching ) to give a different look. I personally like this collage more than most of the ones ive seen just due to how unusual it is. but i think the best part is its simplicity, she’s managed to show a lot that you couldn’t just get form doing it on a computer or just cutting up pictures and overlapping them.


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