design report 

my design brief is as followed;

“The Aim is to create a colourful and simple poster for a WOMAD festival. The posters should be bold, colourful, creative, eye-catching and fun. Be original, we are looking for an imaginative poster that will stand out from the crowd. With various festivals, across the globe, WOMAD arts festival provides lots of inspiration! Posters can reflect any part of the WOMAD ethos and diversity. Keep it simple and develop your designs with minimalist yet vibrant approach”. 

in my research i found that the best Womad posters are colourful but the colours are soft as Womad aims to target people of all ages. the lion is a common image in the posters and is commonly used to represent Womad.

i massively struggled to think of ideas for the poster but i thought ill focus on images to represent world music. i came up with the idea of the world drum and then started focusing on African imagery and i didn’t really  change from there.

i feel that it dosent show diversity that much so i feel that i did underachieve. i do still think it is an effective design but maybe i should have used a mix of patterns as it would have shod diversity more.


my final outcome womad


i like my final outcome as i believe it shows what Womad is about. Womad is trying to show us the world and open our eyes to the divers world around us. Woman aims to be the light in the dark. i feel i feel that this poster shows that. the african pattern and drum is dark as the idea is that what people know about different countries such as Africa and the word Womad is bright and colourful as Womad aims to show the world more.

how i made it

i made this font by using a picture of a tree line and placed it at the bottom of the word Womad and then cut it out. i found a picture of rust and selected one colour from the rust then placed it over the word Womad and cut that out.

i sketched a african drum and scanned it in. on photo shop, i cleaned it up and added colour. i incorporated a image of the world to the top of the drum. this is to symbols world music.

i made the background on illustrator by making lots of triangles and then i added colour. my aim was to make an african looking pattern. i put it on photo shop and added a gradient and made it a little transparent, i had a black background behind this and this gives it that darker look. the idea behind this is to show the night of the festival and to make the font stand out more so the font can represent the stage lights. the fonts that are often used are san serif and are simple and easy to read.



this is 4 ideas i came up with. in all of them i want it to be clear that it involves the world and music. i might politely go for a flowing font to show some link to music but i might make a font that is a bit rugged as it is a festival and it involves camping out and getting dirty.


moodbord 1

this is to help inspire me. with this i can see how other posters look and i can compare them to each other and find repeated elements.


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.28.41

this shows a range of posters with diffrent colours but the design is the same on all of them. at first sight, your eyes are pulled to the lion and when you look closer, you start to see instruments. there is also some patterns that seem as if they are there to complete the lion head but when you look closer you start to see african looking paterns and a fan that looks like it might be asian but where it is on the head gives it a Brazilian, frestival look. i think the musical lions head is to show pride of music around the world. the colours that are used are bright to pull in young people but minimal to pull in older people. the colours aren’t overly bright to scar off family’s tho. i think the designer wanted to make it very welcoming and clear that music is something to be proud of.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.30.01

the focus point of this poster is very clear, your eyes are instantly pulled to the lion as it is bright in a dull, dark background. the background shows you that the lion is Australia as you can clearly see New Zealand on the lower right. inside the lion is names of other countries. the mesage behind this poster is that Australia is proud to host the music of the world. it is all abound bringing the would to one.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.30.15

this poster has a masive contrast to the Womad posters as the Womad posters are intended to be welcoming to all and are about peace and unity. V Festival is about fun, youth and moden music. this poster is crazy, its hard to find a focus point as there is so much going on, with the many colours and images. this craziness works well for young people as their looking for fun and excitement. when you look at the images, its clear that its just about music and fun.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.29.50

this poster don’t really show the message of Womad. personal i would see this as a retro music festival but it dose contain all the information and there is a good use of space. it is very clear it is a music festival as theres a record as the background. i like the simplicity of this but i don’t think theres enough to tell you what Womad is about.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.28.13

i think this one is brilliant as it has good use of the lion thats used as there logo. it has a strong african look to it. this could just be a african festival tho and nothing is that clear about womad. the colours are neutral and the all poster is calm so it is welcoming. the could have possible used some instruments that would have been easy to incorporate.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.29.07

this one goes for a more carnival feel as to show it is welcoming family’s and the music flower shows music being natural and pure. this is bright and has a happy feel. this poster has a lot of information which is nicely placed in the bottom 3rd.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.28.54

i feel that this one is trying to say that music from Womad has no borders and thats why the logo is a cloud in the sky, this also shows it is pure and harmless. this simplicity of this gives it a nice clean cut look that is nice to look at. the soft colours complement the s

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.29.28

i feel that the pink flags are to symbolised unity. the colours i bright but soft. the flags somewhat makes me think of festivals. the font is different as it uses different font styles that might be to demonstrate diversity.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.28.00

to me, i feel this is more targeted at young people as there colourful paint blobs that looks crazy. this poster tells me that we can take a plane field where nothing happens and make it fun but nothing tells me about family’s, diversity, unity and music. so overall, as much as i like this poster, it docent represent Womad.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.28.28

the focus point of this is the large circle in the centre, this pulls you into the place where the title is. this poster is fun and a little crazy but so are music festivals. the images show you what its all about with the instruments and tents. there is also images of peace.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.29.17

this is defiantly my favourite poster due to the way it looks but it don’t really show that it is a music festival. it uses the rule of 3 white the writing.the map shows the world and the Womad lion it taking in the world. i think the should have only used fonts that are on a map as i don’t think the ones they used really goes with the idea. they could have used something to show its a music festival.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 13.29.39

simple but effective, this poster only uses 3 colours and a lot of blank space. it shows the logo covered with different patterns from around the world, the reason it is all in the one body of the lion is to show diversity and unity.


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