Design report

the brief is create two different book covers with at least one of these book designs a typographic based cover and the other an image based cover. we were expected to research some existing covers. from the research, i fond that details can set the feel. just focussing on a time could be discreet yet effective. when it comes to The Great Gatsby, i knew it was going to revolve around art deco and focus more on pattern and font, this is why i chose this book as art deco is one of the best styles there is as its clean and elegant. when it came to The War Of The Worlds, i wasn’t clear clear on how to do it. i wanted to focus on the idea of germs but that idea fell short as i couldn’t think of a cover. i thought of using the idea of the red weed that is a memorable thing from the book and thought of making space for writing, i think this work well as it gives a simplistic look to the cover.

to make it i used illustrator but know i realise that i could have probably benefited more by using photo shop but i do feel that my outcome is still a professional standard. from this i have learnt, how to use space a bit better and how to move away from the basic flat, 2D graphics like a poster. i can say i enjoyed making The Great Gatsby cover as i did use others opinions and advice when making it. i had a good pattern and layout but i couldn’t think of what to do in terms colour as i was stuck on the idea of black and gold, like basic art deco but i has helped by other that told me to use shades of purple and i think it looks great.

i feel my outcomes match the brief as The Great Gatsby is a font based cover and The War Of The Worlds is a image based cover. when it comes to how effective i think it is, The Great Gatsby shows the time more than the story but i feel that the time is a big part of the book. to make it more effective, i think i would need a way to show social divide. with The War Of The Worlds, i feel it is effective as it shows something covering a city, should you perceive it as the red weed or blood is irrelevant as it should show a city at war.


this is a mock up of my design.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 13.36.25.png

this is a simple idea. the grey back is a sky line. the red lines are the red vine plant from the book. the font of the title is intended to be like the plant to. the colours in the back are intended to be dull so it represents a city in war, it also allows the red to stand out more. the black writing had to be a simple san serif font so it would be easy to read. the writing has restricted space as contrast between the red and white is so big that if the writing overlapped it, it would be hard to read. the fold over with info about H. G. Wells is completely because it separates it from the rest of the cover and allows it to stand out more as the writer deserves more significants but i did leave the red line to overlap so it is still liked.

war of the world


the wavy plant will be red. the sky line will be grey and white to show war. i hope i could find or make a font that looks like a vine to make it match the plant.


this is 3 designs for the war of the worlds and none of the are focused on font. i might combined the top two and use the city as a background and use the idea of the red weed going over the city.



this is my hard back

this is a mock up of my design.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 13.24.26.png

this is my final outcome for The Great Gatsby. the product is more pail that this image shows and not plum. the font and the pattern both match and fits in with art deco. the colour and layout makes it look a bit old, this works as it is a well known old book. i think putting the pattern in a box makes it look older as the full page looks to modern and, in my opinion, doesn’t match the book.

the great gatsby


this is 3 designs for The Great Gatsby, i tried to use art deco type patterns and personally i think the second one is the best and i feel i could develop it a bit further.



the hand that feeds you – this is based around the well known saying, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. the letters has bites out of it so it reinforces the saying.


the great fall – this is a very simplistic cover that only uses three colours. it is a typographic cover that uses the word fall to become the image. the last two letters of fall is falling off with a line crumbling away. maybe is so simplistic so it allows you to read the word fall. i think it is overly simple as it is so dull, maybe it wouldn’t look so bad if it used a serif font.


The Great Gatsby – these books is set in 1922. art deco fits in perfectly and can be used to show class and style, it will narrow in on the time. the colours that are being used, such as gold, shows excess. some revolves around the fact that Gatsby is someone hidden but also shows a front and that maybe he isn’t who he seems. one of the main themes in this book is social divide, maybe i could show this by the front and back of the book with the front being bright and fun and the back shows poverty.


Watership down – this is one of my favorites, i think a Saul Bass style will work well as there are parts of the film that uses silhouettes.


to kill a mockingbird – i could possible work around the idea of the tree and the themes within the film.

all (1)

the war of the worlds – i think i could make a good font based cover for this that should work well. if i pick this one i want to step away from the other covers and try to be more simplistic, maybe by thinking about germs.

all (2)

oliver twist – as this is such a well known book, i could possible try playing with the imagery from the book.

all (3)

of mice and men – i could play with the themes in the book as there are so many but i feel that it would work well if i used Lenny’s thoughts  and felling, such as soft things, there special place or the rabbits.

all (4)

harry potter – i could focus on characters but i think it would work well if it was a font based cover with a magical look to it.

all (5)

great expectations – as it is such a well known book, i could work with fonts as the cover doesn’t have to tell you too much. i would try and go with a decorative elegant look inspired by the blue book in the top right corner.

all (6)


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