modernist graphic design

modernist design came about in the late 19th and early 20th century. it was influenced by the development of industrial age. during this time there was the tension and horror of the great war.

“Form follows function” is a well known saying from the modernist style, it means you must first establish the function of what something must do and then the form should be influenced.


Paul Rand

he was a graphic designer that made logos for brands such as UPS and ABC. these are simplistic and clear. these logos focuses on the names or the letters and then they focus on form of it.


this has an abstract look but its controlled and clear. the text used on this poster is mostly san-serf to make it clear and easy to read, also text is different sizes to make some words clear.

Related image

this building uses parallel lines and minimalism, this is common in the modernist style.

Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin 900x675 Modernist Architecture: 30 Stunning Examples


i used simplicity and parallel line. i also used repetition



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